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Effing Football...

I am so utterly , profoundly  sick  of  sodding, pissing football, and it hasn't even started yet...Oh dear God, and Wimbledon's coming too. 
Thank  Heaven for Amazon's cheapest DVD rental option...although I think I'm gonna need more than three this/next  month.
Wotan's latest tests don't reveal anything but that his thyroid level is still a bit high, so I have to continue giving him a double dose, which the insurance doesn't pay for, plus the pheno (ditto-) and...'bring him in again in a couple of months'  which sounds a lot more optimistic than I'd expected. May the gods continue to be merciful. He had a siezure Friday night, and seems a bit odd, at times,(cat senility?)  but otherwise he's been OK; eating, grooming himself, affectionate, and inquisitive as usual, when he's not drugged up.
Getting the dosages right is terribly difficult, of course, and making sure he gets it all.
I think the people on LOST should watch out. That Mr Eko is really Adebisi out of OZ, and is obviously headed for a major psycho rampage. Didja see his face when he decked poor woobies Sawyer  and Mike with that  giant tree branch?

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