Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Hay Fever Time...

Yup, the temperature is slowly rising, my skin is itchy and bumpy, my eyes are itchy and oozy, my nose is itchy and trumpety,I'm wheezy and hacky.
This, you might say, is the cherry on top.Bugger.

BIG BROTHER is providing splendidly crass diversion from my Job-like catalogue of tribulations, anyhow. It really is scraping new depths.Chortle.
Yet another Housemate, very boring posh boy George, has walked, because he was-wait for it- 'Afraid of being famous'.
Two new Housemates have appeared; yet another 'plastic' hair-extended blonde, who came out with an intriguing description of a 'Blind Man's Wank', an esoteric practise of which I was previously ignorant ('That's what they do in prison'), and pre-op transwoman Sam, who so far, is not very interesting.
I must say I've been rather shocked by the hardcore sexism and misogyny casually displayed by all.
The repellent Sezer, par example, blarneying Imogen by saying that although he was unhappy about her insistence on restricted hankypanky in their shared bed,'I actually respect yuh more for denying me'.
The 'natural' girls slag off the augmented cartoony aspirant Footballer's Wives at every opportunity, and pretty well everyone is utterly obnoxious.
Lisa,who isn't fancied because she's 'too much of a bloke', cheerful Tourette's boy Pete, and Richard are my favourites, in that they're the least 'orrible. Richard, of course, is doing a huge manipulative thing, setting himself up as gay Daddy of the House,supposedly everyone's pal,etc. but at least he does seem fairly articulate and intelligent, compared to the others. This is resented, and he may well be the first evictee. Oh, the excitement...

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