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Neato URL...

Some very nice stuff here. I like Nicolas Caesar a lot.

I'm frelled, generally. Must try to get to the gym, now, pointless as it is. I know I have no right to grizzle when there are so many people so much worse off (as in earthquake victims, for starters-), but it seems like my life has become a drain-circling sludge of worry, sadness, anxiety of a gut-churning intensity unusual even for me, guilt, breadline blues and corporeal decline with absolutely no hope of anything ever getting better. Blub.
(...This last claggy squirt of self-pity largely induced by Wotan's continued instability, and learning from my sister of an incredibly cruel and horrible {even for her-}'surprise' for us in my mother's will.)... Not that she'll have anything to leave to the Bide-A-Wee aniimal shelter, anyway, as she's obviously going to 'live' to be 110, and consume any resources her tumbledown old hovel might have produced.
Oh well, it's obviously hot grist for the psychocartoon mill, if I manage to carry on producing anything at all. I mean you have to laugh, really. Ya couldn't make it up...

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