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Where Are the Other Headlines ?

The 'Subject' heading doesn't seem to be working any more.Why?
It's a horrible gloomy day. I got the sneezes bad. In compensation, though, backache's a bit less bad.
Nicholas Hope popped up on FARSCAPE again,the last two episodes, this time as an alien froggy person. Zhaan is dead. Oh dear, very sad...
Every time I take character quizzes, I turn out to be her. I think, being realistic, that I'm probably more of a Rygel. I would like to be Aeryn Sun, except that then I'd have to be the lover of dorky Crichton. Cool show, really. I'm well hooked.
One of those COTSWOLD furnishings-porn minicatalogues fell out of the paper yesterday. I always want to buy rooms full of cosy but cool stuff for my seafront mansion, despite still not winning the lottery.
Need coffee...

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