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Awakened early this morning by Wotan tumbling from the top of the wardrobe (Heart Attack City!),chasing his tail madly, then falling into a (thank the gods-) short and not too violent fit. Fuck me, this is draining.
He seems OK now, all things considered, but if the meds can't control the seizures, it seems the only thing they can do, really, is have him go through 'intrusive' tests, etc. to the tune of £1000 at the hospital. This is all going to be discussed later, when I take him for follow-up blood tests at the vets'. When he had the cardiology business a couple of years ago, the insurance covered most of that. I'd have to check with them. IF there was a decent possibility of him having another couple of years with decent quality of life, it would be worth it, but how do you know? I don't want him to be tormented needlessly just because I can't bear to lose him. Fuck.
well, as R Next Door always says, the only thing to do at the moment is appreciate every day he's still here and fairly well.
Sounds like the Indonesia death toll is rising rapidly. Fuck that, too.
As for what's going on in NY with the mad semi-invalid mother/trapped sister situation, I don't get much feedback, and my sister's not initiating much communication, which is unusual.(Too exhausted?) This does not sound particularly promising.
Bring back the Sultan's Elephant!

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