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Murky & Sweaty

Still not sleeping too well, got up really early (like 5-) and knocked myself back unconscious by watching a pointless film YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS about sleazbag men and their 'relationships'; not very convincing, but lulled me off back to dreamland nicely.
I went over to check out the 'new' Vauxhall studios in an old hospital near the creepy Larkhall Park, where the drunks/junkies roam, and murder victims on fire brighten the sooty South London night...This place has been proposed and promised for a couple of years, so I imagined it was going to be all refitted and shinybright. Nah, it's dark, dank, smelly and peely, but not without gruesome charm. Some of the artwork was OK, and once again, I felt the desire to have a proper studio where you can slop things about, clay, papier mache, elephant dung, and stuff. have some big pieces without clogging up the flat, etc.,( I've still got parts of a lifesize angry nun crammed into corners here, probably totally destroyed by now- for a show that never took place, in the end.
Latest Big Brother musings; one of the qualities that makes it rather compulsive is that even the most degraded semiliterate, or viceversa, often comes out with stuff that can surprise ya-like the lumpen PJ going all weepy lil'boy at the sight of his family sending recorded messages. On the other hand, the relatively upmarket Alex and Adele; she talking bollox about OTHELLO and implying that it involved a lot of gunplay, while Alex wanted to know how it all worked out! Come to think of it, I had a boyfriend once with three Oxbridge degrees who didn't know the plot of HAMLET...
Something really strange is going on in 'TalkCity'. I haven't been able to get to the editing tools for my ol' DROOLCRONE site for weeks. I'd like to tidy it up a bit. There's lots of corruption too...As for the even older CRAZYCRONE'S CACKLES, sometimes it's there, sometimes it's not, and I can't edit there, either...Weird.

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