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Ran into Devil Girl, who asked how I was; said she hadn't seen me working out in a while, which was 'unusual- you veree dedicated.' With hopefully cute aw-shucks butchess, I told her how I couldn't do nuffink for a few weeks due to my 'orrible injury, ('Ohhh Noooo!') ...and then I went to Serbia, and then I did fuck all for a couple of weeks more, but I left it at the dreadful accident bit. Snerkle.
Re; BB Shahbaz, I have now come to the conclusion it was all a ruse, and he's an actor. If not, it's surprising that he got through all the supposedly thorough psychological testing, only to go completely mentalist in the space of about three days, announcing he'd come into the House with intention of topping himself, etc.All very odd. It will be duller now he's walked, but if by any chance he really was genuine, I hope he's getting looked after. I had Nikki reckoned as the first major meltdown; very febrile, that one.

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