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Feckin' Hot, Still Worried...

Christ, this is strenuous. Wotan's still eating fine, preening, and has his strong,raspy yowl back. I wonder if the doziness and weak legs might be side-effects of the phenobarb--whatever? I have to keep reminding myself that he's had a good, long life, whatever happens.
Went out to Clapham Junction and did a few errands, anyway.
I want to go to the Outsider Show at the Whitechapel, the Surrealist one at the Hayward, see what's on at the Aquarium Gallery, and the BP Portrait Awards at the NPG. The Whitechapel and Hayward cost, of course, but I really need to see that stuff.

I've barely eaten all week. Any normal person would, of course, be losing weight... *Sigh*. My sister is getting ultra-thin, evidently, from the horror of being my mother's carer. Well, it's an ill wind. She deserves some recompense, God knows.

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