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A Little Bit MORE GRRR!...

This Hungarian URL has some of the photos I am too dumb to be able to transfer to, on it, including the group shot in the car park area, near the Irrigation Ditch of Death.
I hear several of the other visiting toonfolk have gone Serbia-crazy like me, and want to live there, now.
I dunno about actually living there...If I had money, I might buy a little pied a terre, there, in fact I'm sure I would. I can't deal with not being able to communicate properly, though. However, if I could manage to get really fluent in German or Italian, and acquire a decent working knowledge of Serbian,I'd be glad to spend at least several months a year over there, no problem.
Oh well, back to reality. Spoke to the mammy and the sib last night. It's interesting, my mother is now quite gaga a lot of the time, yet she devours AGATHA RAISIN and HAMISH MACBETH murder mysteries with great gusto, and seems to understand and retain details of the dopey plots.
My poor sister...The current plan is to install the old girl at their place upstate, which is much too small, and if it 'works out', possibly build an extension with money from the sale of Hell House.
At least they'll be moving up there in a couple of weeks, and my sister can suffer supported by the company of her husband and their animals. What she must be going through banged up in that house, alone with my mother, who needs everything done for her, now, on top of still being a montster, doesn't bear thinking about.

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