Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Grizzles And More GRRR! (3)

I didn't hold my nose and vote Labour after all, but went for a split Green/Socialist protest vote.
Wotan, touch wood, hasn't done anything frightening far. The insurance isn't paying for his thyroid meds any more, and the dosage has just been doubled. *Sigh*.
My knees and feet, not to mention the remains of my bollard-collision bruises, are still so oucha I can't walk properly. I never took painkillers in my life, save for toothache, or as flu medication, and these days, I'm knocking them back like Michael Jackson, which is a bit scary. I wish they worked better, too.
My poor sister is going through holy hell on Long Island. My mother is out of it half the time, but evidently she can be as malicious as ever when she's feeling perkier. Her finances are in complete disorder, no sign of papers that might actually be useful, just drawers full of gas bills from 1953, and stuff like that. I'm drowning in guilt, but at this juncture, I don't see how I could be much help.Eventually, though, I'm going to have to scrape up the money, somehow, to go over there for a while, if just to help clear the House of Horror. Oy!
Ah well, back to the pleasanter pastures of Pancevo. I did a lot of getting lost, and missing things, although I'm fairly familiar with central Pancevo, by now. I suppose my concentration is poorer than usual at present.
The local museum, which is in need of restoration, but is pretty interesting, was hosting a bizarre waxworks exhibit in its ground floor gallery. The first thing I saw was 'Hagrid' from a Harry Potter tableau. Other gapers were obscuring the child leads, so I assumed he was supposed to be Rasputin, and thought 'I didn't know he was that big.' There were astoundingly weird attempts at Gerard Depardieu, Pavarotti, leaning forward as if about to take off, and most frighteningly, Marilyn Monroe. I took some snaps with my throwaway camera, but they never come out well.
The GRRR! programme had a lot of really unusual stuff this year, like a display of beehive panels, which used to be painted with curious scenes, etc. so the bees would know which hive was theirs. (I don't know if there's any scientific basis for this, but they were worth seeing.) Also on show were some modern graphic artists' takes on this style.
There was the usual informative opening night panel chat compered by Sasa(Zograf), followed by a splendid selection of some of the best Fleischer BETTY BOOP cartoons, the ones featuring musical greats of the day in live action antics. I've seen them many times, but they're always an inspiration. Real genius, and so much more bizarre and edgy than even the earliest Disneys. I mean, being chased through the jungle by a giant gurning Louis Armstrong head; what were they on?
There was a sweet concert by Rita Braga, who has a pretty, childlike voice and provided winsome covers of early 20th-century pop songs, complete with ukelele. She went down really well, and I expect she'll go far. She'd brought along some interesting family 'comics' for the exhibit, and one of her own, kinda musical sci-fi, and I'd like to see more.
The biggest complaint I have about the fesival is, of course, the very vague timing, and very long breaks between events. If the weather's not so good, I find myself wandering with nothing to do for aeons. Of course, other visitors appreciate the extra drinking time; Ya can't please everyone.
What made it a bit tedious this time, was the fact that nearly all the shops and cafes of Pancevo were shut for this marathon May Day holiday, (Power to the People!) and chilling and sketching in the park were often disturbed by rain.
I managed to get into the Catholic Church this time, but it's not terribly interesting, just yer bog-standard sort of thing.
Oh this is going on forever. I'll have to see if I can find out how to do a cut thingie...

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