Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Back at the Tamis Again,,,(2)

After the steaming days and chilly nights, the weather turned my kind of good On the Friday; bright and breezy. I was collected by Milos the van man, who had just had to cool his heels waiting for yet another delayed flight (Mine was over an hour late, I think practically everyone had similar problems-) a pleasant young Italian/French couple on their first trip to Serbia.(Piero Macola)I can't remember her name, but they sometimes collaborate.After crossing from Belgrade and checking out the remaining flood waters again (like, nearly up to the tops of trees...) We were duly dumped at the Tamis, which is very close to that river and was particularly smelly. (I guess the drains have been affected.)It's still a classic of decaying Iron Curtain creepiness, but I must admit, things have improved somewhat. The mean guy on the desk who usually grumps at me was quite civil, and there was almost-hot water in the peculiar sarcophagus-like bath/shower.The reading light over the bed was working, too.I had taken the precaution of bringing insect repellent, as I figured the flood would have engendered more supergiant mosquitoes than usual... There were no insects at all in my room! Luxury. Also strange was the fact there was no duck noise, nor any evidence of their being on the river. I mentioned this to Sasa, and he said the flood may have caused them to spread out and take advantage of the extra watery environments.Kinda weird.
Ate at the Borneo pizzeria,as they were giving GRRR people a discount, and several people I recognised from previous visits were there, yakking away in Italian. I didn't like to intrude, so had to sit like a melon 'cos I'm too dopey to speak other languages. I really have a hangup about it. I can't remember what else happened on Friday.
Saturday was the opening ceremony, featuring young musician/cartoonist Rita Braga from Portugal singing a rather incomprehensible welcome from under a Daisy Duck mask.
I met Chuck Sperry, of Firehouse, who produces some pretty knockout retro rock posters, black light, the works. I would have loved to buy a couple, but they were understandably very expensive, and would have been difficult to get back unwrinkled. Mr Sperry is an engaging character, evidently not adverse to a bit of riotous living. Actually, there was an intriguing little scandal later in the festival, involving drunk toon boys pissing off people in the local radio station. The GRRR! guest DJ, who would probably prefer to remain nameless, was bladdered, and started swearing a lot and abusing his interviewer (in fun, but the guy took it seriously, and there was a bit of a hoo-hah.) All very rock & roll. Sounds like they had a rumbustious and very late night thereafter,too. Ah,youth...I'm certainly feeling my age these days. I'm at least 15 years older than everyone, and a lot of them are still in their 20's.
The actual work on show was all very interesting, but more about it later.

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