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Where to Begin...?

At the bitter end, maybe. I was taken to the airport this morning by the long-suffering culture centre driver, Milos. This involves clambering up into a van. Usually, I just make it, but I was so worn out with knee-hurtin', foot-throbbin' side-achin' exhaustion that I simply could not get up there...Envision an ancient b&w, probably-Fleischer cartoon, where several people are cramming balloon-bummed elephants into Noah's Ark. Poor Milos will be seeing my arse in his nightmares...
No delays going home, anyway, so I only had to contend with the extension belt mortification, and having to 'leap' up when the poor girl next to me was taken sick. I started to feel rather seedy myself, due to the incessant screaming of the hideous toddler who, for some reason was allowed to run up and down the aisle for most of the flight. Fap.
Serbia was farrr fookin'out, as ever. So much sensory overload I'll have to report it in chapters. Another weird, and mostly wonderful GRRR! over, and I hope I get the chance to go yet again.
Staggered in (oh God, all those STAIRS on the tube...) to find Wotan looking quite well, and evidently pleased to see me. R was really fantastic looking after him, and she seemed pleased with the bounty of cheap fags I supplied in partial payback. I do feel morally ambivalent about giving people cigarettes, but they're gonna smoke 'em anyway, and I can understand the desire, having happily done so for many years myself.

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