Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Sweatin' In Serbia...

Of course, I was hit by a wave of humid heat first thing off the plane, which has slowed down my touristing, but I was so fucked up over Wotan, etc. I wasn't really functioning, anyway.
Managed to get through to London this morning, and the little bugger is seducing all and sundry at the vet's as usual, eating heartily,no more seizures, and all tests are good, except the thyroid meds need to be upped. That might have caused the fit. Fingers crosed he'll be around for yet a while longer. I was really bracing myself to hear he'd died... Thanks again to all the good-vibers, and do carry on rediating.
I can't access my aol mailbox from here, so if anyone's expecting email, not for a while, I'm afraid. Anything urgent, try
I'm still stiff and sore and slower than usual, and quite frankly, not in the mood for a festival. The combination of all the recent disasters has shaken me. I suppose a beneficial side-effect is that I'm having more vivd dreams and hypnogogic visions than I've had in ages; almost frightening. Sleep has been very disturbed as it's noisy and oddly very dank and chilly at night; I've beeen waking up shivering.
No time to go into gawking at the sights stuff. I expect I will shortly.

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