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Strange Spooky Skies Lowering...

Housework and Sainsburys, all with intense back pain. If I take super-whammy painkillers, it tones it down a bit.Grizzle...
To-night's Big Brother should be interesting; Mob manically baying for the blood of the Chosen Maiden; there will be blubbing...Poor Jade, BTW, is mixed-race. I find this interesting 'cos I saw a conversation between Tim (who dyes his hair and secretly shaves his chest to hide his Ginger Shame) and Alex, watching Jade sunbathe. It was noted that she didn't burn, and got brown very quickly, like 'some mixed-race people'. Alex looked worried and said 'Some people just have tougher skin than others.' This is not the only instance of Tim appearing to know 'personal' stuff about other housemates. Curious...(Am I sad? Imagine being fascinated by all this tabloidhead-fodder. What IS its strange appeal?) Oh and while I'm obsessing, I now feel a bit more sympathetic to PJ, as I've discovered the poor bugger is only 22. You're kind of still allowed to be a pig at that age. He looks at least 35. Unfortunate sod... Also, I don't see why everyone is down on 'two-faced' Adele. She is,quite sensibly 'playing the game', like everyone else, but hasn't done/said anything particularly evil, that I've noticed. I like her, and rather hope she wins. Jonny (after Jade, the most tragic low-self esteem bean in the house-)still looks like Sid the Sexist despite his penetential headshaving efforts. OK, I'll say no more, until maybe later...

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