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Could my trip BE any more ill-starred? After going to the shops, I was walking down the hall with R's stuff, when I heard a soft thud, like something had slid off a chair.
Wotan was lying in the doorway having a fit.
At first, I thought he's broken his legs; they were sticking out at weird angles when he got up. The poor soul was terrified; huge black pupils, heart thumping, distress-purring, drooling.
I went off my head, of course. Thank the gods R was in, and drove me to the vet, so I didn't have to do the whole bus routine while having a breakdown.
I left him there under observation, and it may actually be best to leave him in while I'm away.He usually adapts very well to being there, and it's probably safest. I'll just have to 'borrow' the money on my credit card. The insurance should cover most of it...I hope.
I can't really expect R to be watching over him all the time, and she has animals of her own, including an ultra-skittish cat, so he can't stay there. They are running some tests, anyway, and have given him valium to calm him.I'll confer with them later to see what's the best course to take,for the present.
Fucking bloody sodding flaming oozing hell. This is all unspeakably upsetting.
Those who pray, I'd greatly appreciate it if you say one for me and mine. Thanks.

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