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Gridlock Torments O'Hell...

Took nearly 2 hours to get from Aldwych to Wandsworth Rd, and the bloody bus had the heat turned on!... You can walk it in under an hour, if you can walk. Christ what a bloody waste. Oh well, it would be worse if I were coming from/going to a slavejob. Actually, when I set out for class , a 77A came along 'Westminster'-all too common these days. Behind it were TWO 77As headed for the Aldwych, which should have stopped anyway, as it wasn't a request stop, but I was also waving my shopping bag frantically like Mrs Brady, Old Lady...They both shot past, one waving mockingly.Scumbag bastards! I even had valid tickets today. Cunts!!! etc.etc, and furthermore...
I got excellent 'feedback' from the instructor,plus the usual thing of everyone saying they wish they were as good as moi (while I'm wishing I were as good as they are! )...Ohhh, I'm so tired. Back's still bad, too, but I'm glad I managed to go. I'd have felt such an invalid if I hadn't. Bad back's a scary business. You feel doomed to eternal immobility. Grunt...

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