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Fingers Crossed...

BT Man has just been here, and everything seems to be in order for the moment...There's something funny going on with crossed/noisy/dead/ lines in the building.
As usual, I didn't understand a word the guy said, which of course, such people rely on. Wish I wasn't such a huge pink girl about 'practical', especially plug-involving things.
I googled 'bruised ribs' and got spot-on descriptions of the agony in which I still writhe wheezily. Never fear; only two weeks to go, apparently, before I feel human and functional-ish again...
I don't know how I'm going to get to the fucking airport like this, much less anything else. Painkillers don't seem to be doing a whole lot, either. Oh well, all I can do is pray...which applies to every other aspect of life at present. Unsatisfactory...
Oh goody, po' FREEVIEW folks are going to be able to see DEADWOOD! It's being re-run from the start on Sky Three from next week. I'm not particularly into Westerns as a rule, although I can be beguiled by a good one, and DEADWOOD is very. Ian McShane is tremendous as the hyper-disgusting Al Swearingen.

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