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Back From Supermarket Hell...

At 13:30, TV offers the Sabu-starring JUNGLE BOOK; soo superior to the cartoon, if equally unfaithful to the original. Sabu really used to enchant me as a kid. I guess I'd never heard an accent like that before.

I keep getting mental flashes of a panel from one of those Bad Comics I used to sneak peeks at in the shops. I guess it must have been CRIME DOES NOT PAY, or similar.
A gurning, shockhaired, boss-eyed maniac in a strait jacket is rolling about on the floor of his padded cell, as you do. "HAHHHHH Ha Ha Haaaa.....!" he says. I remember it as being extremely well-drawn, to my infantile gaze, which made it all the scarier.

Just heard newsflash of the latest from Tel Aviv. Oh boy...'Why can't we all just get along?'

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