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The Harder They Fall...

Off to helenraven's yesterday afternoon,watchless. Every clock I consulted seemed to vary by about 20 minutes, I arrived 'orribly early, and for my penance got myself hooked by another truly dreadful wodge of Dan Brown, as F did her biz. Eventually we were joined by rozk and minitrog for much erudite trash media discussion and ultra-high quality exquisite junk food.
Fiona very kindly passed on her old DVD recorder to moi. A day well spent!
Alas, just across the road from my squalid abode, a yoof jostled me as I lumbered off the bus in the cold, wet dark. I turned my ankle, stumbled, and went windmilling, trying to save the DVD recorder,but toppled and slammed my left boob really heavily into a stone bollard!
I couldn't get my breath back, and knelt in the mud making hideous uncontrollable carking noises. Two cars stopped to offer assistance, so it must have been quite a spectacle. I managed to get up, retrieve the bags, and shuffle indoors.I was in a world o'pain, and utterly convinced that was dying of a heart attack due to the sudden heavy blow.Then, I figured I certainly had broken ribs, but I can breathe, although it hurts a bit, and haven't coughed blood-yet.
I had great difficulty getting into a comfortable-ish sleeping position and kept waking up, expecting to be dead. Mother of God, can we have a moratorium of this kind of thing for a while?
I'm still incredibly stiff and sore, so going to the supermarket should be fun.Sheeee-it!
It really made me think of my poor old disliked mother, and how terrifying her own fall must have been. You do feel extremely confused after a trauma like that, and being all alone with your craven terror is no fun.
My sister's latest email went into some of the hair-raising detail I had, in fact requested. (I mean, it's weird enough not being able to do anything, and not even knowing what was really going on is worse.) It's pretty grim, though. The state of the house was indeed rather gruesome, and it sounds like my mother may have been having some sort of mental episode in the day or so before she fell, although she sounded as 'normal' as she ever does the Sunday before it happened.

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