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Whinge Alert...

Lack of telephone very grumpmaking, not that I use it much, but in the current situation, I feel a bit spooked about it.
Anything to do with my mother seems to bring out the worst in people...
My poor sister, who has copped the heaviest portion of crap, is as potless as I am. Making the trip down to Long Island finished off her ten-year old banger, which has to be replaced, somehow,within three weeks so she can go and collect the mammy from rehab. The power of attornery hasn't come through, yet, so she's up the creek, not to mention having to cancel her own wrist operation later this month.
She's also getting very keen on just sweeping out ALL the collected detritus in the old house, in accordance with her Buddhist tenets of renouncing just about everything, which is s'pozed to free you from the pain of desire, yaddayadda...I do envy her staunchness in her belief system, BUT I really want to be able to retrieve my old 'papers' and stuff, which are important to me as reference, etc. The thought of everything being dumped actually shakes me up pretty badly. It's all jumping the gun, anyway, of course, as my mother is sure to resist any attempt to sell up.

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