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Brain All Vacant...

...It's time to get some snacks on board - and no stalling! I think it's for crisps or something.There was a very lame cartoon sea captain involved. I used to sing it at work for the amusement of colleagues, if I was skivving off to the shops.
Then there were no colleagues, no chances to skive, and finally, no job. Hup! It's one of my main regular ear-worms, anyway.
I feel really blank and weird again. Delayed reaction, I guess. My sister emails she's got power of attorney, and eventually hopes to persuade
Mother to live with her and my unfortunate, saintly brother-in-law. I don't see where they'd put her, for starters. Of course, if they have planning permission, the sale of Heart Attack House would probably allow them to add an extension. It's all so weird.
(And I feel so guilty...)

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