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Sad, Sad Situation...

Thanks to everyone for the comments and emails. It looks like I'm off the hook, for the short term, fingers crossed.
My mum will be in hospital for a week or so, then moved to a rehab facility for several more weeks. If she were younger, they'd put pins. etc. in her shoulder. As it is, she may not regain the complete range of movement, but that seems to be the worst of it. Her cognition is improving, and she now seems to understand what's going on, recognise my sister,etc.
My sib, who has the advantage of being a qualified nurse, (although she hated it, and hasn't worked for years-) has been stalwart, coping efficiently with my mother, and the creepy old house, which was evidently in a pretty rough state. Whew...
As I've no doubt said over and over, we have been trying to persuade my mother for years to move to some kind of sheltered accommodation, (not enough money, she says...She won't give away anything about her finances, but I expect she is just about penniless-) or at least allow some kind of home help, to keep things in a decent state. (She won't have 'strangers' in the place to rob her, although she hasn't bloody got anything worth taking- etc. etc...) All our suggestions have been met with furious, shrilly abusive tirades. What can you do? Perhaps this misfortune is a blessing, to some extent, as she'll be forced to accept some help and supervision, now. Oy vey...

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