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Days of Crap and Owies

Just thought I'd share, a la BB3 Alex, that yesterday I suffered the anguish of hideous can't go-can't not go- constipation. This condition has been all but unknown to me, and I now take back any mockery I have ever hurled at sufferers. Jeezus, the pain,etc.etc.
Today, my back is so skewiff that I can't hardly move, although it isn't too bad if I just -sit- stiffly. Once I had to lie flat on the floor for days. That really sucked.
I still haven't finished bloody CHICKEN LICKEN; better get a moveon all right. It's due Thursday.
I keep dreaming about an ex in Barnet. Wonder if he's dead or something? Ha! Serves 'im right, no-mark fule.
Noticed that one of the planes in the 'orrible collision over Germany was carrying a batch of kids to Barcelona. So was that coach that crashed last week . Is this some kind of spooky blood sacrifice rite to bring about Catalan independence or summat?
I rather miss my lemon icons, but these wee alien-faces are just so cool, I have to keep 'em for a while...Maybe I should change my colour scheme. 'Leprechaun' is so me, though...

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