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What To Do?

I've just been listening to DESERT ISLAND DISCS with Ruby Wax.Her childhood always sounds like mine, in some ways. They were rich, though. She chose NIGHT ON BALD MOUNTAIN in memory of the screaming rages of her mother doing housework. I can relate to that.
I could do with some input here... The time is coming; I really have to decide what to do about GRRR! at the end of April. Fares and expenses for a week in Serbia will come to about £250 tops, hopefuly a bit less. As someone who has absolutely no money, apart from benefits and the charity of friends,and who is already grievously in debt, It would be totally irresposible of me to go...or would it, really?
I am a bit concerned about any inconvenience/expense Sasa may have getting me a bivouac for the duration.They're not getting as much funding, now, as they once did, and I don't want to detract from that, as I'm not a major exhibitor, or anything this time, and I'm no good at being entertaining or instructive.
On the other hand, I always fear that if I miss this one, there won't be another opportunity to go.GRRR! may fold, Serbia will change and 'globalise', things will quickly get dearer, etc.
I hardly feel physically or emotionally up to going anywhere or doing anything, which may in itself be a sign that I really ought to. What would YOU do in my place?

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