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Driving Me Nuts...

An ancient song that I can only remember one line from...
' Mama don't 'low no peas & rice & cocnut oil...' which I keep repeating to myself all day long in Zippy fashion. I need help. It's similar to the one that goes 'I don't care what Mama don't allow, Gonna play my gee-tuar, etc. anyhow' yet subtly different.
R next door is continuing to spend most of her time on the astral plane; can't get up to do her business until around 5 PM.(...and I'm certainly not going out dogwalking then.) That's a bit worrying, too, but her situation is so dreary that it's probably better to be out of your senses than in, so what can you say? I'm not much better.
I did the gym, despite being in a world o'pain from yesterday. I hope I'm doing the right thing. Eh! Whaddyagonna do? I try...
I'm still annoyed that I never found out what happened in THE BEST MAN. I stupidly ate a lot of chocolate because it was half price, and ordered, of all things, Jean -Louis Barrault's autobiography, which I've read, anyway...(cheap, used from Amazon) I've been thinking about him a lot recently, maybe I should put him in a comic. He was a strange, puny-looking, pointy-faced little bloke, but somehow extremely attractive. Mucho charisma.
I dreamt about Boris Karloff last night.

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