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Particularly dozy this morning... last night I was compelled by some evil spirit engendered by mental idleness to do about ten dumb quizzes online. Among other retarded things: if I were a Hogwarts pupil, I would be involved in incidents of heavy petting behind the broom shed with one Victor Krum...
After OVER an hour of my mother's mouth, last night, there was absolutely bugger all to distract and console me on TV...until I surfed onto LADY CHATTERLY'S LOVER, in this case Sean Bean, shagging her ladyship up against a tree. Phwoar. I think I'd seen most of it before, though, at least a decade ago.
I'm not much of a sitcom watcher, but EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS seems pleasant enough; not too ickysentimental, and it actually provoked a chuckle or two.
I had really gruesome dreams. One involved a dead friend who had AIDS and was particularly distressing.
I continue to be fascinated by the docbrite LJ. The stuff about decking elaborate altars to St Joseph in New Orleans during his festival, originally celebrated by the Sicilian population, was all new to me. I love that kind of thing.

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