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"You- Don't- Wannafuck- With- Shad-y..."

Geez, what with this one and STRANDED IN THE JUNGLE, it's been a pretty psycho week on the ol' inner juke box!
I'm still having major creative block problems, and not dreaming properly. (The more vivid, colourful and deranged my dreams, usually, the more prolific I am, artisitically-)
Saw an interesting documentary about Donald Cammell the other night. Wish I'd known him. He really shouldn'ta shot himself. I hadn't realised that he took part in SCORPIO RISING. I once impulsively sent a fan letter to Kenneth Anger, after watching INAUGURATION OF THE PLEASURE DOME in a drugged delerium.(I hardly EVER write fan letters-like maybe 8 or 10 in my entire life-) He actually sent back a nice handwritten, signed,note AND a picture of Anais Nin in costume! Good man-shame about the scary toupee.

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