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Packets in the Post...

Two nice surprises this morning...motodraconis very kindly passed on a bit of good karma in the form of a Robert Johnson:the Complete Collection CD! Many thanks, it's excellent. (He's wailing away in characteristic devil-possessed fashion right now.)What a dark sweet treat!
I also got from The FactorFiction Press peeps some extra copies of the new GIRLY, and TWELVE GO NUTS IN GLOUCESTER, the jam comic produced in wine/rich food and fresh-air induced altered states at the cartoonists' country house weekend. Both look fine; nice print and paper quality,too. Moto's 'Spacegirl' episode and cover have come up *fab*.
Everyone in the world, should, of course purchase both immediately.

GIRLY and the rock'em-sock'em action comic VIOLENT have both been nominated for Comic Creators Guild awards, btw. They be good stuff.
AND there was a wee cheque for sale of my stuff as well, so wheeee! Thank you, guys!

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