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'Lepanto' And Shit...

Reading Maureen Lipman's GUARDIAN column this morning reminded me how much I enjoy GK Chesterton. Yes, I really, really do. Bite me.

Caught a few rancid moments of YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT the other night. It seems that in addition to now choosing victims who have been grassed on by 'concerned' relatives, Gillian McKeith will descant upon the sickliness of your 'poo' right in your own khazi with you, instead of sending it off to a lab.
Very surreal; she and the victim both wore gas masks, and the tearful repentant junkfood junkie quavered that she knew how lethal her shit was. She was in the habit of holding it in (McKeith: 'That's VERY BAD for you...') at work, etc. and only dumping her noxious load in the privacy of her home...Ya couldn't make it up.

PS: Check out this HEAVILY airbrushed load o' malarkey... She actually looks to be in her 60's, despite supposedly being in her 'mid-40's'. Not that great an advert for the mung-bean souffle and 'poo'-divination lifestyle...

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