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Like everything else in the Council gym, the TVs seldom work properly. They never have subtitles any more, since they're just anologue, now, and the picture is really lame. BUT the sound was on one of them, and they weren't playing any music, so while cycling furiously to nowhere. I got to listen to this bizarre tale of a feudin' family. Doleful dad was telling the world how he knew his two sons were the produce of hankypanky between ex-wife and his (now dead, although not murdered-)best friend. Son One 'couldn't be mine,'cos I was lyin' in hospital in a coma at that point in time, wif all pins in my 'ead...' Son Two was evidently concieved while he was in gaol. He wanted to know if his daughter might actually be his, and wanted DNA testing. I get the impression that this is a regular feature on TRISHA. It was all quite fascinating...
Yes, they have finally turned off SKY. It was still there this morning, and I was hoping I'd be able to tape GIRL WITH A PEARL EARRING on Film Four tonight, but no, now it has gorn. Bugger. Now I have to set up my Freeview box again, too. Feck.
Hey, girlycomic, Thanks for the script. Now to get down to it. BTW, you do know you're nominated for A Cartoon Creators Guild Invisible Award, dontcha?

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