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Block Busted...?

Still hermiting out of the chilly damp, dodging the gym...I know, but after all the 'orrible agony I endured for close to a week with that lurgy, I want to be absolutely sure I'm clear before I go getting all sweaty then having to walk half a mile in such cold. T'aint fittin'.
I've been doing a bit of cartoon work anyway. Got a two-pager done today. I'm getting loads of inspiration from Pravda online.

It's topnotch tabloid joy. 'The Sexual Worries of Condoleeza Rice', etc. I'd always imagined PRAVDA was this very dry and stodgy FINANCIAL TIMES without the capitalism - sort of paper. I guess that was back in the 50's. Unfortunately, it does beat even the DAILY MAIL for misogyny, but the stuff is just so gloriously lurid, I forgive it.

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