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Strange Narration...

I seem to be still getting SKY, although I've cancelled the DD, and sent them three letters, as phoning is impossible. (Robot voice: 'You should not have to wait more than...eighteen...minutes...') I'm sure they're still expecting me to pay, too, but they can fuckin' whistle for it.
Anyway, I often had the subtitles on, and now, it seems they've added an even more hilarious voiceover. A very serious well-modulated male describes the action..."A look of profound sorrow combined with seething rage comes over Jack's features as he contemplates the sorry scene...The body of the President lies under a sheet, blood soaking the carpet beneath...' This is a very good thing, I know for blind people, etc., but it's funny, too.
I still don't really 'get' 24. It's OK, but I don't seem to get all gripped and excited by it, like you're obviously supposed to. I can't imagine I'd become addicted to it. (Just as well, since my SKY days are over, and I'm compelled to regularly watch enough dreck already...)

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