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Although I've never met Charlotte's dog the Bean, I've really been grieved to hear of her illness and passing. The loss of a dear animal friend really is not just some trivia. I can never understand why many people belittle it so. No, it's not a child/lover substitute,it's not human, but it's a loved and loving sentient being, and I can't comprehend people not seeing that.
I'm highly emotional today... That programme about 'benefit cheats' is on now, and I just feel so sorry for the poor gonks, and those with valid claims who have to struggle to get what they're bloody entitled to. I, of course, live in constant fear of losing benefit, although I've done absolutely nothing 'wrong'!
I also had to drag my bunged-up snivelling carcasse down to the local housing office with R, to pick up some fecking visitor parking permits. I've never bothered before, as nobody with a car ever comes to visit me. R wants me to get them in case she needs extra ones, though. Grump. Anyway, while I was down that way, I had my fecking head shaved at the Carribean abbatoir/barber. Spongebob Squarepants was on his TV, shrieking hysterically. I know the feeling...
I'm half drunk on the remains of the bottle of a really very nice McWilliams Shiraz Rose I opened yesterday to get myself through my mother's call. (She's buried in a blizzard, and was extra-hyped up, as you might well be, I suppose...) The neighbours have a snow blower, and she's got plenty of food, the electricity, etc. is OK, so she'll be fine. After listening to her for an hour, I wasn't...I'm not a particular fan of rose, but this one's lush; so smooth.
Ah, the poor 'deserving' girl on telly who was turned down for benefits because she was trying to be brave on her first examination, got them on the second. She should get back payment, in my opinion, but they don't do things like that.Hey Ho...

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