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BB3 Bitchfight!

Very interesting development last night, with dead - drunk Jade bawling and hyperventelating alarmingly,after Adele pointed out that she had a verucca! (J evidently thought this meant she had VD...) Sent her into a frenzy-Blows were very nearly come to. Alex was actually quite good with her.( I think I would just have put a pillow over her head and sat on her for a while;rather a long while perhaps...)
That girl (Jade) like Helen before her, is gruesomely irritating, and yet, as the yawning depths of her neediness and ignorance are ever more cruelly displayed for the amusement of baddies like me, you start to feel kinda protective. She is so very, very dumb. It just doesn't seem right to take advantage of her, like wot the dismal PJ did.Actually, it's wrong to expose her to everyone's mockery on national TV, too, but we wouldn't have it any other way, would we?
Yesterday she came out with the assumption that Mother Teresa was related to Sherlock Holmes, which has to be the best yet...
It's a beautiful day, for those who are into such things.) Boy, would I love to wallow in that BB3 pool). I have, instead, faffed around indoors, trying to produce an artistically valid interpretation of CHICKEN LICKEN.

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