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Watching TV show about benefit cheats and the narks who spy on them. Granted a lot of the 'cheats' are doin' wrong, like the guys claiming incapacity who are also doing active, well-paid building work. Some of the cases are heartbreaking, though, and their desperate little 'crimes' are quite understandable.
For instance, it seems to be virtually forbidden for benefit claiming single mothers to have regular sex! There are spies sitting outside to see how many nights a week their boyfriends stay over, and why said 'partners' aren't paying the bills... These poor souls are living such restricted lives anyway, and can be harassed, even lose benefit, for enjoying one of the few pleasures that cost nothing.
What really gets me is the fraud investigators. I don't know how they sleep. Like traffic wardens, some of them don't bother to hide the fact that they're totally enjoying themselves.Fap.
I cracked open the penny jar I'd been saving for Serbia (*sigh*), and purchased another freeview box, which seems to more or less work, so I've cancelled my direct debit to SKY. It doesn't get many stations, but I reckon the ones I use most frequently are BBC 4 and 3 and É4, so I am still getting those...Mustn't grumble.

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