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Still flopped out in anguish, like Job on his dunghill, trying to work out some kind of cunning plan . Hopeless. Boring.
Watched this weird thing on National Geographic Station (I know, I should have cancelled SKY by now. In my defence, you can never get through to them...) It was all about 'incorruptible' bodies of holy people. Most of them, although pretty impressively mummified, I guess, are not very attractive, but 120years-dead Bernadette of Lourdes is strikingly, hauntingly beautiful. (They cheated and gave her a wax coating, though...)

I remember seeing 'Mother Cabrini' in a similar glass coffin, as a child. She was an Italian nun who ended up in Brooklyn ministering to the poor, becoming a saint, and not rotting properly. It was scary.

* This is a chess term for being trapped and inevitably doomed, but you still have to keep making hopeless moves. Also the title of an unreadable serialised novel in the Observer.

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