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Mentally Demented....

As dear old Ma always used to call me-I keep wanting to cry, and I've no idea why. I really am quite mad.
I was compelled to buy one of those 'Pharoah's Treasure' £2 scratch cards, and won £15 back, which is cool; paid for the papercutter I bought in Ryman's. (Unfortunately, for one of those palpitation-inducing moments, I thought I'd won £1000, so that dimmed the thrill a bit...)
Wot, PJ hasn't been nominated for eviction? There is no justice; He was so mean to the poor pigfaced Jade, after virtually forcing her head under the covers; classsic MCP stuff like you'd hardly believe still happens in this day and age. He's so boring and hygienecally- challenged, too...As Spencer seems to be the tabloids' darling, and girls all fancy him (Wot, with his hygiene bypass?!)it looks like Alex is for the chop, just when I'd started to think he was crazy enough to almost like...(the scarily intense chicken-channelling while cleaning out the coop; rocking back & forth in the diary room softly repeating 'no more chickpeas, no more chickpeas...')

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