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Grey Days Roll On...

This morning Claire Short got on the 77A, as she does. I had a colossal urge to beg her to oppose the most evil bits of the looming IB legislation. Of course, I just carried on pretending not to recognise her, as you do. I've no idea what her actual stand on the topic is, but I imagine she'd be more compassionate and sensible than Tone's proposals. My hangover this morning made my mood all the grimmer, although being pished last night was quite soothing.
Fortunately, I wasn't given any trouble about returning the Freeview plug-in. I thought I'd have to explain in detail, perhaps demonstate its nonfunctionality, before I got a refund.
My ASDA queries got nowhere. The lady sounded like she felt sorry for me.I must have just dropped the £20, as I imagined. I only hope whoever bagged it was at least as desperate as I am, and puts it toward something worthwhile. *Snurf*.
The proposed lavish generosity of an LJ friend made me grizzle last night, and I welled up again this morning when I got my sister's Christmas parcel at last. It's this incredibly lush-looking throw in deep jewel colours, with tassels and whatnot. It looks quite pricey, and, of course, I have no use for it whatever.It wouldn't last five minutes in a Cat House; total hair-magnet, for starters. I just hope to God she was passing on an 'unwanted gift', and didn't actually pay for it.
The postage from America was more than she has to spare. Her financial state is possibly even worse than mine, and that's pretty fucking strapped.
May she and LJ friend garner great karmic boons for their attempted good deeds, anyway.
I have a feeling I won't be getting to Old Street tonight, but I'll be thinking of Andy and all the many,many friends of Andy.

Edited later: The Andy Celebration is, of course, 18 February. I misread the notice. Uh! So I might even get there.

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