Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Fun In Trafalgar Square...

I thought I'd have a butcher's at the Russian Winter Festival...
It was supposed to start at 11, and I got there abour ten to; there were already quite a few people waiting. (You had to have your bag checked on the way in!) Anyway. by 11:30, the crowd was on the huge side, and composed largely of old people and kids, it seemed. It was getting a bit scary, and from the expression on many faces, I wasn't the only one thinking about the latest Haj death stampede...
At last, we got into the Square. There were a bunch of shabby tents selling ordinary fast food, mostly. There was one stall with ikons, which there was little hope of getting anywhere near, and one or two others with souvenir-type stuff, but they too, were mobbed. There were two huge beer tents.
The festivities got off to a flying start with a bunch of pompom-bedecked school kids prancing around to BARBIE GIRL! Then, a teenager came out and proceeded to deliver KALINKA and many other faves, in a soprano of powerful, frighteningly piercing shrillness.
When she'd finished delighting us, the school kids came back...
Went home. Never saw any fecking Kremlin Guards.Fap.

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