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British Day!

...The latest absurd proposition of the government (coming from Gordon Brown!) suggests that we have a 4th-of-July style celebration of Britishness!
Gawd help us; when I was trapped in America, one of my pet hates was the gruesomely sentimental flag-waving 'patriotism'frenzy, not to mention the enforced barbies (which often climaxed in getting hit by my drunk father), on the bloody 4th of July. Oh, and the dear, the noise, and the people! What's wrong with everyone? Oh well, with any luck it will never happen...Fap!
Alas, the Marsh Monster! Jodie has been evicted from the Big Brother House. She will be sorely missed by all lovers of the truly bizarre. Now leave Pete and George alone, and get rid of some of the real deadwood,like Fariah, Tracy, Rod Man and Maggot (although the latter two *might* become more interesting, it's doubtful.) We saw a bit of Barrymore's nasty, hectoring side last night, which was promising...

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