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Totty Time...

Norwegian Forest Cat is having a short break so I can display this squeeworthy icon of the lovely Mr Barratt, baggsed with thanks from
scarlett_h. Oh purr...

Nice comments on Mr Blair's latest weird meglomaniacal manifestations:,11026,1683659,00.html

Re: GBB eviction lineup. It's very difficult. Pete's inspired bitching and general weirdness are indispensable, as is Jodi Marsh's ever-accellerating carcrash value. (She's gonna blow!) That means poor ol' George has to be the bootee; a real shame. Of course, they do keep censoring him, which is a bore. As rozk has pointed out, though, his pervy fascination with Pete, bonding with Rula, and wide-eyed declarations of astonishment at the coarse sexuality of These Young People Today would be a great loss.

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