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Another murky day. I like proper winter darkness, but these woolydrizzle skies don't do a lot for me.
Must-go-to-gym...If *only* it really made you feel good. I have to trust that I'm getting any benefit out of it. I've also got myself afraid of stopping, as if I did, I might be even worse in all ways...
On CBB, I find myself liking Pete Burns a lot.(But shame on him for the fur coats-)Still, I can forgive much when somebody's funny, and he really is. Rula is also pretty cool.
Please tell me that Dennis Rodman is joking, too. Eww!
That trying-too-hard bimbo who has the feud with Jordan is very strange,and all. I'm actually trying not to watch too much, but every time they show housemates in bed, she still seems to have the full maquillage of multilayered slap in place.That ain't right.

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