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Latest Grump...

My PC is down again. No, I don't belieeeeve it! Why me, oh God?, etc. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I weedily haven't attempted to connect up my scary broadband modem yet, despite having had it for a couple of weeks? I can't get through to the effing support line droids,who have always been useless, in my experience, anyway.
I was watching a lame animated film while cycling in the gym yesterday; SPIRIT THE WILD STALLION or something, and the subtitles were excellent... BURRS LOVINGLY! WHICKERS TRIUMPHANTLY... The 'hero' seemed to be cross-eyed, too. Not looking where you're going, that's how you get roped by bad white soldiers, I guess. As my stint finished, there was some interspieces bonding going on with another captive, a young Lakota brave. I expect there was a collaborative escape and lots of triumphant whickering in the end.
Oh well,a Happy New Year to all my readers. As for me, I'm really very, very pissed off.

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