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Still looking very Cruikshank, and feeling low, but the pain's lessened...or maybe I'm just getting used to it.

Channelsurfing last night, I came upon some sort of hypnosis thing, where a young man was tied to a chair, possibly on Hampstead Heath. He'd been told that whatever next appeared over the hill would be terribly frightening.
It turned out to be a quartet of particularly geeky looking step dancers. As they diddlediddled inexorably toward him, he started yelling "Aaaaaagh! Irish wankers! No...Please...Stop..." They circled around him prancing and kicking, while he continued writhing and gibbering in his bonds. It was cracking. Best laugh I've had all week. (Possibly the only laugh!) I suppose the poor guy could be scarred for life, and they shouldn't mess with the mind, etc, but it was very funny.

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