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Whingeing in a World O'Pain...

The dentist couldn't really do anything for me except prescribe more sodding antibiotics for when the ones from the GP that aren't working anyway, run out. He just says this is what's gonna happen until it's pulled, or fixed (in nine months, maybe,at the dental hospital.) I got some painkillers, but they're not helping much, either. Gkkk...
Watched some of that TV MOBY DICK with Patrick Stewart, in a drowsy delerium. It definitely has its moments, and Starbuck and Queequeeg are both pretty near perfect.
The afternoon was spent hauling Wotan, who was hissing, but at least not pissing, when nabbed, to Blue Cross at Victoria, assisted by R.
Thank Cernunnos, everything was fine. They gave him a good checkup;
his weight's reasonably high, the dental situation is OK,now, and he seems in generally good nick (touch wood) for his venerable age.
I was so grateful I gave a donation of £20. The 'suggested amount' was £50, but come on, in real terms, I have nothing at all, and even that pittance is gonna hurt... When the lotto numbers come up, though, Blue Cross is going to be quite high on my list of worthy causes.
I got very little sleep last night, what with the intense owies, and had febrile dreams about Princess Diana and her bodyguard lover romping in the surf, on a tropical holiday. I was working for her as well, and knew that she was going to die. There was no way of altering it, though, so I just had to keep quiet.

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