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Oh, Oucha...

It's hard to believe, but...I have gained back 2 kilos somehow, the itching,painful, hideous inflammation isn't getting any better , and the patched-up doomed tooth is starting to hurt again, and I'm already taking bloody antibiotics! This is so very not good. I feel extremely helpless and hopeless and hurty. (whines like a dawg-).
My sister also reports that the DVDs I sent her won't work over there, despite all their efforts to re-programme, assistance of techhy geek brother-in-law, etc. They are as dirt poor as I am, and likely to be snowed in for months,to boot, so I was really glad to have been able to send a little diversion their way, via freebies from Sunday papers I'd been saving up...I thought.
This sounds like one of my mother's whinges, but it's so bloody true. Nothing ever seems to go right for me; even small joys usually end up fucked, somehow. Burble.

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