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Frel!...24 FARSCAPEs in 48 Hours...

I've had the telly on all day! I gather Engerland won the match (drunken chanting from below...) I've done nothing useful at all, except try to win some FARSCAPE prizes with the personality match thing. I'm Zhaan again, but I didn't win nuffink.
Been brooding morbidly on my health, wondering if I got asbestosis back in the late 60's ,while making theatre masks out of some kind of asbestos fabric (!) at the Lake George Opera Festival. I didn't have a protective mask or anything, they just said make sure you wear gloves, and I'm not even sure I did that. We also had to paint the stage floor with Christ knows what at some point, and no ventilation; everyone got all burny-throated,stoned and peculiar. Nobody cared.
Wonder what happened to the poor cunts who had to wear the asbestos-chocked masks? Wheeze...

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