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Wotan Gets De-Scaled...

All over thank God. Worst ever, what with his screaming for food all night, poor bugger, then crapping on the floor in anxiety, as he really knew something was up this morning. He pissed on R's foot as we bundled him into the basket, as well. He's never done stuff like that before.
Blue Cross was grimmer, this time around; lots of ancient diabetic dogs having hypos, retarded people babbling, etc. I also had a different vet, a cantankerous old-fashioned stone butch who snapped "You ARE aware he might not come out of the anaesthetic?" as I signed the release. I know they have to cover themselves, but she might have developed a bit better bedside manner, by her age.Fap...She did comment that his heart murmur was 'not too bad', though.
Anyway, I was steeling myself for the worst, the way things have been going, but he's home at last, and seems quite perky. He actually enjoys sitting in Victoria, watching the manswarm, it seems.
I'm still Not Right. Really gonna have to see the GP.

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