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Chicken Licken ?

I've more or less decided to use this story for my Children's Illustration final peoject,but so far, can't find a copy of it. Strange...I've been checking out kid's sections in bookshops, etc, and there's so much great stuff-The Horrible Histories,etc. Wish we'd had books like that when I was a kid; so much witchcraft and spooky stuff, too-you can see how it must freak the fundamentalist-type parents out. Lucky little buggers of today!
Best thing that ever happened on Big Brother, and I went and missed most of it! Sandy's Escape was actually far too good to be true, though. I think it was all planned to create a bit of interest. Despite the other gimmicks (Rich House,Poor House,etc.)this year's batch really is dumber and more unattractive than ever. The now-departed Sandy was the only one who could actually put a sentence together, and I will miss him 'orribly.
There also seems to be a bit of sexual activity, with the hideous idiot-girl Jade ('Wot's 'sparagus?') chowing down on the stalk of the equally horrid PJ, Sophie fellating golem-esque Lee, and Kate and Spencer always snogging (when not separated by bars-) Wouldn't surprise me, really if all this wasn't pre-arranged to a degree. (The UK BB has been the only one so far, I think, without on-camera rumpo.)

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