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Doodles, etc...

Still trying to learn to scan properly. I stuck some scribbles from the MCR up on Flickr, if anybody's interested .

So far, it's been laundry, bus aggro, and the dentist today. I think he is evil, actually. I mentioned a conversation I had last week about implants, etc. (This guy said his mum got a 'screw-in tooth' on the NHS) The dentist said, oh well, 'the specialists' might consider doing one at the dental hospital. If the tooth can't be saved or a bridge put in, they might let a student have a go on me...HIS practise, however, doesn't do them for paupers. This means I might have had my tooth pulled, and been fitted up with the (shudder) denture I'm so fretfully phobic about, without ever knowing this option might have been possible. It might not be, of course, but really...
My friend B sent me a £25 book token. I really feel guilty about it,as I'm not in a financial position to give proper pressies. but she seems to want to, so yay!
Guess I should go dogwalking with R later, but I've got so much to sort out indoors...
Wotan has barfed several times, and I convinced myself he'd got at the (harmless to all but ants-) liver bait. The bug bloke was here again, and reassured me once more that it is not dangerous. I know well enough that cats tend to puke a lot, anyway.(Usually in the wardrobe on top of your good shoes-) I really am a grievous Old Lady.

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